In these photos below, I have started to assemble some of the structure of the forward upper fuselage.  In the LH photo I have riveted the F-7108B along with the two shims that I made to the F-7108A center sub-panel.  The F-7109 plate is riveted to the other side of the F-7108A at this time also.   

Sub-assembly of upper forward fuselage Squeezing rivets


In the photo above right I am squeezing the rivets that hold the  F-7105B-L (left sub-panel) to the F-7105A (center sub-panel).


Shooting rivets in the sub-panel Sub-panel in place minus F-7105B-R

In the photo above left, I am installing the rivets that the squeeze wouldn't reach with a rivet gun and bucking bar.  In the photo above right, I have cleco'd the sub-assembly into place.  The F-7105B-R (right sub-panel) is not installed yet because the whole assembly can not be installed at once.  I tried it with the right sub-panel cleco'd on and there was no way I could install it.

F-7108A and F-7108B with shim between Forward Canopy deck ready for installation


The photo above left shows the gap that I left for the roll bar center brace via the two shims.  As I said, the brace attach point is .100 (1/10") thick.  I don't know why the plans do not have you shim the F-7108B but I did.  See "Installing the Canopy for more details.  The RH photo above shows the F-721A-L and the F-721A-R with the F-721C and the F-721D attach angles riveted in place.


F-721A-l installed F-721A-R Installed

The photos above show that the F-721A-L and -R are installed permanently.  Before I could rivet the upper forward skin on the instrument panel needed to be installed.  The "Instrument Panel" link is below.

Skin contacting the roll bar English wheel


The photo above left was taken a year before this paragraph was written.  The arrow points to an area where the skin contacts the roll bar.  Since most of the fuselage work in 2005 consisted of working the canopy, I did not get around to solving this problem until late in the year.  Above right is an English wheel.  I keep it at Jet Harbor's hangar.  I put it on a truck and brought it to the house on December 11, 2005.  It is heavy.  Notice the footstool.  I did not even attempt to take it out of the truck.  I used it in the truck bed.


Aft edge of skin re-formed Gap where the skin hit previously

The picture above left shows the aft portion of the skin after I re-formed it in the area where it went around the roll bar.  I did the same on the right aft edge.  The arrow above left shows that there is a gap between the skin and the roll bar now.  If you look closely you can see that the skin was hitting the roll bar so hard before that there is a small chip in the paint.  There is a reason that I wanted this contact eliminated.  I will go into that in the windshield narration which can be found in the "Canopy and Roll Bar" section.