On May 19, I finally started to open the box containing the fuselage and finish kits. The photo below left shows the first box that I opened while it was still in the trailer.  It contains all of the fuselage parts, or at least I thought it did.  The longerons and some other desperately needed "L" angle stock was with the wing kit as was the elevator push/pull tube (*&^$#%@^&^*!!!). The box below right contains the finish kit.


Fuselage kit The finish kit

There are a lot of pieces that are relatively large to store with this kit.  In the following photos you will see that I put them in every nook and cranny in my garage.

Fuselage skins behind scrap plywood Fuselage skins behind workbench


The next box I opened was the finish kit (below right). 


Firewall behind air compressor Finish kit opened

The photo below left shows how tight everything is packed in the boxes.  The canopy frame was rubbing on the canopy.  Fortunately I did not see any damage.  The protective coating was worn through but it did its job.

Canopy frame rubbing canopy Finish kit parts


When I purchased this kit in 2002, a nice young lady at Van's Aircraft talked me into buying the entire kit all at once.  I hope she got a reward of some kind because at this very moment I wish that I did not have the finish kit yet.  Oh well.  It's too late now.  After every thing was unpacked, I made a storage shelf (on wheels, no less) to store things on.  See the Tools section for details on this shelf.  After the shelf was made, I continued the inventory.  I purchased a plastic drawer storage unit for some of the parts that came in the bags (photo below right).


More finish kit Storage bin

I purchase several of these red storage boxes to keep parts in from Lowe's (of course, below left).  I labeled each compartment of each box as to what it contains (below right).  I also wrote the bag number on each compartment as a reference.

Storage boxes Compartments labeled

The inventory is now complete on all four kits.  The wings and empennage were done previously.  Even though I did not like the way some things were packed, I will say that I was not missing a single piece of this kit, not even so much as a washer.  That is pretty amazing when you think of how many different types of items there are and how many different places they had to come from.  All I have to do is assemble it now. I will start with the firewall and bulkheads.