I am using this page as a link to the various fuselage assembly projects as outlined in the plans.  I intend to do this in each section in an attempt to keep the number of hyperlink buttons on the home page to a minimum.  There are a lot of hyperlinks here too but at least they are all related to the Fuselage assembly.



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Getting the Fuselage Started

Fuselage Inventory

The Firewall and Bulkheads Page 1

The Firewall and Bulkheads Page 2

The Firewall and Bulkheads Page 3

The Rear Fuselage Page 1

The Rear Fuselage Page 2

The Longerons

The Center Fuselage

The Cabin

The Forward Fuselage Page 1

The Forward Fuselage Page 2

The Fuselage Top Skins

Flight Controls - Fuselage

Flight Controls - Fuselage Page 2

Flap Control System