In August of 2002, we acquired an FBO in Gallatin, Tennessee.  The airport identifier is M33.  There is an active chapter of the EAA there.  There are two more people in the chapter that are building RV 7's.  I decided to move the RV 7 there in hope that I would work on it. In September I loaded the paint booth along with other items  (work bench, sheet metal tool box, etc. onto a truck and took them to Tennessee.


Paint booth packed in moving truck Kit still all crated up

Above left is a picture of the paint booth (among other things) in the moving truck.  Above right is the kit stored in Gallatin.  Notice the date.  The airplane has now been ignored for nearly 6 months (except for the empennage).

Paint Booth at side of hangar Paint booth assembled in Tennessee

Above left is the paint booth  stored in the hangar.  Above right is a picture of the paint booth during the set up in the hangar in Tennessee.   After another 5 months went by we started to spend more time in Florida.  I decided to move the fuselage back to Florida.  I was splitting my time between the two places by then and I wanted to make progress when I was at home.