These photos (below) show my garage on April 28, 2002.  This is a three car garage.  Notice that no cars will fit.   I think that I have too much stuff.  Actually, we ere in the finishing phase of re-modeling our house.  A tremendous amount of stuff (junk?) was put in the garage from the house.  It all had to be cleaned up someday, whether I built an airplane or not.


As unbelievable as it may seem, it took 8 days to remove trash, put away tools, install an air compressor and install a drill press.  It only makes sense though.  When no cars will fit in a three car garage, there is a lot of cleaning, organizing and tossing out to do.



A formidable task Junk every where
Where did all of this stuff come from? There is hardly any room to walk


Mini-mill weighs 900 lbs in three pieces Work bench where shelves were

The hardest part of this set up was wrestling the drill press/mini mill seen in the photo at the left (above).  It is in 3 pieces and they are so heavy that it took my wife and I over an hour to drag them out of a Wells Cargo trailer.  The photo on the right above shows the Home Depot work bench in its new home, formerly occupied by our storage shelves.  Also in the photo on the right is the new home of our numerous ladders. 

Mini-mill and air compressor Storage shelves moved


The photo on the left above shows the drill-press/mini-mill in its new home to the right of the water heater.  To the left of the water heater is the air compressor.  The right photo shows the storage shelves in their new home.  There is still a lot of “stuff” to move around.  The pile of wood that is evident in both photos was originally where the shelves are now.  This wood was purchased for the remodeling project on the house which started its second year on April 7, 2002.  These remodeling projects are very interesting for “Home Project Lovers” such as myself.  After the photo was taken, I moved the wood one more time!  Photos of the completed garage follow.  Notice the dates on the pictures and compare them to the dates in the first garage photos.


Every thing has been put in its place The “Factory” is ready for an airplane

The left picture shows the amazing transformation of the garage.  Two cars will actually fit now (Remember, this is a “Three” car garage!).  There is actually more stuff in the garage then there was before.  It is better organized now. The theory is that with organization, things will be easier to find.  We shall see.  The picture on the right actually came from the “Tools” picture file but it shows the ladders hanging from the wall.  Ladders take up a lot of room.  It also shows the "C" frame table on top of the workbench.  There will be more on that in the tools section.


“The cleaning of the garage” started on April 27 and the garage was habitable on May 5, a total of 8 days.  On to the tools section.