I added this page on December 17, 2005.  I never even thought about having a links page until I received this very nice email:

"You have a nice web site! I sure would appreciate it if you would add me in as one of your links when you add in a links page. PLEASE check us out if you haven't yet. We have many products for RVs and other aircraft. We have some neat stuff here now and are adding things all of the time. 

By helping me add a link to your site, you'd be helping me keep our prices down to all of you homebuilders!

Let me know what you think of my web site."

Best Regards,
Rich Meske

I met this gentleman in Hopkinsville KY at an all RV fly in last year.  He makes and sells good products.  I like his web site.  It is very creative.

Here is the link: