Fuel fittings in firewall View from forward side of firewall

The photo above left shows the firewall doubler for the fuel lines after it was primed and installed wet with fuel tank sealer.  The right photo shows the two "homemade" washers that I installed on the forward side of the firewall after they were primed.  I put sealer beneath these parts also.

 Left fuel vent line View from inside fuselage

The photos above show inside and outside view of the left fuel vent where it penetrates the fuselage after I primed the spacer and washers.  The right side received the same treatment.

"S" brackets "S" brackets primed with nutplates installed

I decided to change the way I clamped the main fuel line and the purge line.  I made four "S" shaped brackets and drilled them to match the rivets pattern in the two inboard lower skin stiffeners in four places, three rivets per bracket.  After priming I installed a K1000-08 nutplate on each one (above right).

"S" brackets installed on inboard skin stiffeners Fuel lines clamped to brackets

I then riveted them in with the help of my live in riveting partner, Mary (above left).  Next I clamped the fuel lines in place (above right).  I do not like the routing or the shape of the purge line and I will be changing it later.

Fuel pump final fitting Two new fuel lines after manufacture

I put the tunnel cover in place with the fuel pump and filter attached (photos above) so that I could complete the final tweaking of the fuel line shape on these two items.  I had to make a new line from the aft side of the filter to the forward side of the check valve one last time (I hope).  I also remade the line from the forward side of the filter to the bottom of the selector valve.  See the arrows above.