Template on outboard leading edge skin View looking down


The two photos above show the landing light template taped to the leading edge of the RH wing.  It is clear in the left photo that the template is 2” from the outboard rib instead of the inboard rib.  Before I laid the landing light lens out on this wing, I checked the left wing and I noticed that this was the spacing I used for the lens on that wing.  I do not know what my reasoning was or if I just made a mistake because I did not a document this as a deviation from the plans at that time. What I think happened is that I liked the lens closer to the tip.  At any rate my lay out on this wing matched the opposite wing.


Drilling  the lens Area painted black


The photo above left shows the lens after it was drilled.  The green masking tape was used to hold the lens in place during the drilling process. The photo above right shows landing light area inside the wing after I painted it flat black.  The construction details on this light are the same as the left landing light so I did not take a lot of pitchers during the process.  (Actually I think I forgot to take pictures.) 


Finished product (wing upside down) Another view (wing upside down)


These two photos show the landing lights from different perspectives with the wing upside down. At this point the lens is installed and a bead of sealer placed all the way around the edge. One thing that happened during the landing light assembly seems funny now but did not at the time.  There is a retainer that holds the light lens to it’s mounting bracket.   The light assembly is shipped in styrofoam “popcorn” and when I opened the box and removed the “popcorn” I accidentally through the retainer away.  I didn’t notice this error until the trash had been collected.  A new retainer is $10.00 and the shipping is $6.00.  I hate this packing “popcorn” and I got a $16.00 lesson on being more careful with it. 


Back to the “ miss-location”  of the landing light lens.  I have looked at several RV’s with landing lights and I think this location looks better.    I am sure that I deliberately placed the light in this position on the left wing and just did not document it.  It’s one personally believe it looks better a little closer to the tip.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.