This wing was a little easier to wire then the left wing because it does not have a pitot tube.  I decided that I would run a co-ax wire in the wing because I am going to explore the possibility of having an antenna in the wingtip.  I previously had drilled all of the ribs for 3/16” inside diameter snap bushings.  The co-ax I selected is 3/16” outside diameter.  The two photos below shows the: co-ax inside of these snap bushings.  I left about 4ft. on the inboard end and 3ft. at the outboard end to connect at a later date.


 Co-ax for wingtip antenna Co-ax inside of snap bushings


At the bottom forward edge of each rib I drilled a hole large enough for a 3/8” diameter snap bushing.  As it turns out, the location was a mistake.  The wires were too close to the fuel tank attach nutplates, and since this wiring was to be on the bottom of the wing, there is no doubt that the wiring would eventually chafe through on the nutplates.  I decided to utilize the holes at the center of each rib which were already large enough for the snap bushings that I wished to use. 


Heat shrink at snap bushing each rib Using heat gun on heat shrink tubing


The wires that I decided to run through the 3/8” snap bushings were for the landing light, the strobe light, and the recognition light.  I put heat shrink tubing on these wires at each snap bushing location.  Heat shrink tubing is exactly what it implies.  It is tubing that shrinks when heated.  See the two photos above.   The one area where I was nervous about clearance was at the aileron bell crank however as it turned out there was no problem.  See RH photo below.


Wires across 4 inboard ribs Wires behind aileron bell crank


 Ground wires Landing light wires connected


Before I installed the landing light lens I drilled a hole 5/32” in diameter and used a special wire brush with a pilot to remove paint from around the hole.  I attached The ground wire from the landing light assembly.  I also attached another wire that will be used for the position light ground.  See the photo above left.  At this time I also connected the landing light power wire.  Since I have access to a wire stamping machine, I marked the two power wires with a very simple code.  The power wire for the position light is labeled “R POSITION LT” and the power wire for the landing light is labeled “R LNDG LT”.  The other wires in this bundle are for the strobe light.  They are 3 in 1 shielded and color coded.  They right wing wiring is completed for now.