Before I even opened the boxes containing the wing parts, I built a fixture to assemble the wing.  (See Wing Fixture).

The wings, fuselage and finish kits were packaged for delivery on July 22, 2002.  They arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at our maintenance facility the first week in August while I was out of town.  The kits remained in Ft. Lauderdale until September 9, 2002 at which time they were moved to our new facility in Gallatin, Tennessee.  (See

Finally beginning the wing parts inventory The larger of the two boxes opened

Because we were so busy with our new business venture, the crates sat un-opened until April 27, 2003.  at that time I started the inventory process on the wing crates.  in the photo above left you can see that the fuselage, wing and finish kits had not been opened up to this point.  I have un-stacked the wing kit boxes for inventory.  The picture at right shows the larger of the two boxes with the lid off.  There are a lot of parts in this box.   

Wing tips on top.............. ..........but they are damaged

The first thing that you see in the box are the wing tips.  I was anxious to look at these parts because the RV 7 wings look so good and I believe it is partially because of these beautiful tips.  When I pulled the wing tips out of the box I seen that they were damaged.  In the right photo above you can see a dent in each tip.  Since I have had this kit for over eight months still in the original boxes but not previously inspected I decided that it would not be fair to Van's Aircraft to complain after such a long time.  After inspecting tips and the boxes they came in I decided that the problem was not a packaging problem that tips had been lying so long on one side and that side was the side that was dented.  What I intend to do is to attempt to fix the tips and maybe re-enforce them so that they are not quite so flimsy.  Would have been nice these dents were in top of each tip that that was not the case.  The top of one and the bottom of the other is where the damage lies. 

The smaller of the wing boxes.......... ............opened

After I successfully inventoried the 1st wing crate I pulled the other crate out and removed the lid.  See the photos immediately above.  There was no obvious damage on anything in this crate.  Actually call of the boxes were packaged remarkably well for a as many parts as they put in them.  I suggest just like Van's suggests that the inventory begin as soon as the boxes arrive.  In my case however, this just wasn't possible. 

Wing parts More wing parts

In these two pitchers (above) you can see that there are a lot of parts to build the wings.  There were so many in fact that I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to store them safely.  (Notice the vertical stabilizer and rudder in the background in the left picture.)  After all of the parts for the wings were successfully inventoried and stored, it was time to get started.  The first task I tackled was the left wing.