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New "C" frame platform......... ...........under construction

In October of 2003, I came to a point in Florida where I had to do some dimpling.  I purchased an additional "C" frame tool from Cleaveland Tools and I constructed a new platform that was a little more compact than the first one.  I made it to fit the smaller workbench.  The two photos above show the platform under construction.

"C" frame platform additions Laid out ready for large skin

In December of 2003 when I got to the point of dimpling the F-770 fuselage side skins, I realized that I needed a larger area on the platform to support the skin.  I built two smaller platforms to go with the platform that I had made in October.  The photo above left shows the two platforms next to the "C" frame platform.  On the right they are laid out ready to use.

Band Saw Cutting the fuel tank attach bracket

Above are two photos of a band saw that is available at Harbor Freight.  These are actually two different saws.  I purchased one for my shop in Tennessee in early 2003.  The photo above right shows it cutting the 1/8" aluminum that the fuel tank attach bracket is made from.  The photo above left shows the second one I purchased for my "Factory" in Ft Lauderdale in December of 2004.  They cost about $120.00 each.  The design of this saw is very good.  It has a variable speed motor and a 12" throat.  The workmanship on the construction is very poor to say the least.  I do not know why that things made in China have to be of such poor quality.  I guess it is our desire to "SAVE MONEY" that drives us to find people who are willing to put out inferior products so we can save a buck.  Off the soap box I go now.  If you are careful you can do a lot with this saw.  Buy extra blades of about 14 teeth per inch.  They are 62" blades.  Don't plan on giving this saw to your grand children in working condition.  I assure you that it will not last that long.

Building a new fuselage stand Stands to hold fuselage upright

In December of 2004, the fuselage was finally to the point that I needed to turn it over.  I needed different stands to support it so I made them.  The photo above left shows the main support under construction.  This will be placed under the fuselage at F-704.  The photo above right shows this stand and the tail stand that I made to support the rear.

Harbor Freight lathe Roll around bench for lathe

At Christmas in 2004, I asked Mary and my two sons Damian Jr. and Jeremy, to pool their resources and get me a Lathe from Harbor Freight.  I specifically asked for the Model BD 812 shown above left.  It had to be ordered.  It arrived on January 16, 2005. I immediately made a roll around bench for it (above right).  I highly recommend this tool for any who have space for it.  It allows you to make all sorts of custom pieces in your workshop.  It is of better quality than the Harbor Freight/Central Machinery band saw but it still will never be used as a production machine of any kind.  Getting lathe cutting tools for it is a problem.  I will get more into that later when I have it resolved.