About Us

Law Firm “AIRPLANE LAWYER NETWORK” is a reliable partner with a great deal of positive experience in providing legal services. Our team has more than twenty permanent employees. More than two thousand satisfied customers.

Professionalism – Experience and thorough knowledge of one’s business, continuous improvement, search, innovation lead us to achieve our goals.

Quality – Improving lawyer service is our foundation. We strive to achieve the quality that meets the highest international standards, maintain the highest level of reliability of the proposed solutions.

Experience – The vast experience of our employees, obtained from Russian and foreign practice, makes it possible to use proven solutions where appropriate.

Reputation is one of the main values ​​and pride of our lawyers, as well as an indicator of our long-term and successful work.

The result is an orientation to the result, the achievement of goals in the most effective way, ability to calculate risks, proactive and creative approach to solving problems, our main qualities.