Forward section drilled to attach to spar Vertical stabilizer tip


I added two fastener holes to the front section into the spar and installed clecos for now.  Like the horizontal stabilizer tip caps the vertical stabilizer tip cap is open at the rear.  I trimmed the cap several days prior and now it was time to put a close-out in it like the horizontal stabilizer tips.  


Vertical and horizontal stab tips After the Marine Tex cured

Speaking of the horizontal stabilizer tips, one of them was still too narrow. See the previous page. I cut the piece out and made a new aluminum mold.  I also made a mold for the vertical stabilizer tip.  I then glassed these two tips at the same time using Marine Tex for the resin as I did before.  See the two photos above.

Tip caps with molds removed Vertical stabilizer and rudder tips cleco'd in


Above left is a photo of the left horizontal stabilizer and vertical stabilizer tip caps with the aluminum molds removed ready to be trimmed..  Above right is a photo of the rudder tip and the vertical stabilizer tips installed.


Right horizontal stabilizer and elevator Left horizontal stabilizer and elevator

The two photos above are of the left and right horizontal stabilizer and elevator tip caps installed.



There is still one control surface on the empennage to install tips on.  I completed the RV-9 rudder on 8-30-05 and the upper tip is installed and the lower one is waiting.  The upper tip does need more work.  Its trailing edge does not line up with the trailing edge of the rudder.