In the plans supplied or I should say purchased and supplied with the plans book and the wing assembly kit, there is a nice drawing of a fixture to assemble the wing in. Since my wings were to be assembled in a hangar and not a garage, I needed to modify the fixture plans a little bit. 

Wing fixture material Wing fixture partially assembled

The first thing to do was to purchase one material for this fixture.  I ran over to Lowes (where else) to get some two by fours and some metal bracket material.  In Gallatin, this is a 60 mile round trip which takes an hour and and a half so I had to be sure I had enough material.  The photo above left shows my initial material purchase.  In the picture at the right you can see that the basic fixture is completed.   This fixture turned out to be more than adequate. 

Wing fixture ready for wing Attaching spar at outboard and

In this photo (above left) the fixture has had finishing touches on it.  I reinforced the base with 5/8 plywood and I added reinforcements to the vertical members to hold the attach brackets.  Vans has the wing assembled off to the side of the fixture.  I felt like the assembly would be easier to control and to keep from twisting and further to measure the potential twist if the wing was centered in the fixture.  The photo at right above shows how I attached the spar to the fixture at the outboard end.  I bolted bracket to the fixture and I bolted another bracket to the outboard aft rib.  This bracket is level with the top of the spar.  

Bottom view of outboard attachment Inboard spar attachment

In the photo at left above is a view from the bottom of the outboard spar to fixture attachment. There are two AN3 bolts holding the bracket to the rib. I put an AN970-3 washer under each bolt head to protect the rib.  The photo above right shows the inboard spar attached to the fixture. This attachment was much simpler since I was able to use the 1/4" holes that exist in the spar. 

Bottom view of inboard spar attachment  

Above is a view from the bottom of the spar showing how the spar attaches to the fixture.  The wing assembly fixture is complete. It is time to assemble the left wing starting with the fuel tank.